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The control and measuring system / 3D scanner – Product description

Delta Automation Sp. z o.o. together with Evatronix SA. developed a measurement and control system based on a 3D scanner. This system can be used in three options of working as:

Use for further prototyping

Industrial robot as an arm that scans various types of objects. The result is a 3D model that can be used for further prototyping.

Determination of accuracy and quality of technological processes

Industrial robot as a tool operating in the technological process or outside it (a separate position), responsible for quality control. The system can determine the following parameters: element’s manufacturing accuracy, detect the presence or absence of a sub-component, determine the accuracy and quality of technological processes, i.e. adhesives, welds etc.

Determination of element positioning accuracy

Industrial robot as a tool used to read the position of an element subject to technological processes. The robot is able to determine the positioning accuracy of the element in the holder and by means of appropriate calculations, correct the position of the robot or robots operating in this area.

Further information:

It is so flexible solution that it can be used in all options at once. This application is available for industrial robots from leading robot manufacturers, i.e. KUKA, ABB, Fanuc, and Yaskawa

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